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Well Log

Your perfect solutions to digitizing the large volumes of aging, hard copy well log documents.


Niruvanam will ensure that your valuable well log documents such as Geology litho -log, Geophysical downhole log are preserved digitally archived and made accessible for further interpretation and workstation processing now and for the future.


With over 5 years of experience in technical exploration well log experience, combined with our cutting edge log digitizing. We are qualified to provide to all encompassing well log data management solutions that not only preserves the hard copy documents into digital, but adds value to and enhance.

Our well log conversion services include well log image editing services, semi- automated tracing of downhole log, and quality enhancement features, and algorithms for adjusting warped and stretched logs; conversion of geology litho log based on its depth. In addition, data verification for the interpretation of multiple intersection tracks and curves on a single log.

Leveraging Digitization Service

  • Ensuring the accuracy of log interpretation

  • Register and digitize logs in both depth and scale

  • Depth matching to its curves

  • Splicing of curves to create composite logs

  • LAS, ASCII - Deliverable

  • Well log database managements

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