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Our highly experienced resource modelling team applies the latest software and excellent workflow to carry out geological cross section on the basis of the data provided by our clients or generated by our exploration team. 

Our capabilities extend to remote sensing and potential fields analysis, and plate tectonic modelling. All scales are covered, from thin section analysis of tiny microfractures through to global plate tectonic rebuilds. Our structural geologists can boast vast experience in the field, having worked in some of the most challenging and remote regions of the India.


We also have extensive office-based expertise in integrated geological studies, and in the analysis/QC of input data for static modelling and structural interpretations, using cutting-edge software.

Key Services :

  • Structural geology interpretation and QC of automated fault extraction results

  • Plate tectonic modelling

  • Geological cross-section balancing and restoration

  • Fault seal and displacement analysis

  • Trap formation

  • Salt tectonics

  • Integration of structural and diagenetic history

  • Planning/implementation of fieldwork campaigns in India

Geology Cross Section

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