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Land Management

Effective Solutions for Management of Land Resources - We offer a host of solutions to integrate data from multiple sources, convert and migrate land records in organized manner

Land management system covers various domains, from exploration tenements, quarry lease palling, planning, government survey records and land use and land cover data;  and requires up-to-date information on its spatial extent and usage, as well as an understanding of the distribution and current status of natural resources along with temporal land use changes.


Niruvanam help our clients to co-relating the existing land use with future development plans is required for the effective implementation of land management. Departments often face the daunting tasks of updating records, entering and maintaining massive amounts of data, as well as validating updated data against original records. 


  • Exploration Tenement Mapping

  • Land use and land cover mapping

  • Suitability analysis

  • Change detection analysis

  • Property assessment

  • Urban planning

  • Field data survey and update

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