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Exploration GIS

Solutions and Expertise

With ever increasing demand of mineral resources in various industries ranging from Energy to Pharmacy, there is a need for better utilization and sustainable exploration practices.

In Niruvanam, we provide technical and consulting solutions to mining companies in pre- exploration phase, where client required to zero out the exploration area to be mined.

Through our solutions, we can significantly reduce the exploration cost and time for you by minimizing the exploratory drilling and maximizing the investment returns.

Why Us...

With the experience compiled data from varied time frame and format, our Geo-experts capable of pulling out all necessary data needed from historical exploration reports such as, Drill hole collar, assay, drill lithology log, geophysical down-hole log and its location specific data; geochemical assay, assay method type, preparation method along with its location

What  we do..

We offer a wide range of mapping and survey solutions for a range of commodities - Limestone, Iron Ore, Chromite, Mangaese, Bauxite, Diamond, Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc and Coal

  • Geological Survey and Mapping

  • Geochemical Survey and Mapping

  • Geophysical Survey (Magnetic, IP/ Resistivity, and EM)

  • Mineral Occurrence

  • Tenement Mapping

  • Drilling Data Compilation

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