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UAV Image Processing

Post Processing solution for Drone Map






3D Model

We provide an effective and accurate solutions for photogrammetric data for mining, agriculture, construction, thermal and infrastructure domains. Our design software ensure a cost effective, accurate, and time saving solution to rapidly mapping and changes in the mentioned domains and its applications.

Why Niruvanam?

We have a complete model and solution for your aerial mapping post processing. And based out and various collaboration in main cities of India - Chennai, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, we can assist you to data capture as well, along with post processing.

We provide data processing for all ranges of drone products. We shall able to produce data from standard geographic information system; as we are doing post processing internally, the accuracy in comparable and delivery times.


  • Orthomosaic

  • Point Clouds

  • Digital Surface Model

  • Digital Elevation Model

  • Contours

  • 3D Models

Black Quadcopter Drone
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