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Data Management solutions for Integrating multiple datasets

Data Integration

Over a decade of experience in data creation and management services. Our service portfolio ranges from locating data, geospatial data capture, conversion, manipulation and processing to integrate, maintain and update.

These services are using various sources like paper maps, legacy data, pre- existed digital data, field data and mutil- temporal data across varied digital formats from jpegs to pdfs; for use by technologies from proprietary to open source

Data Conversion and Maintenance

We have enhanced model to update, maintain geo- database, which can retain extensive data attached to existing features and raster. The salient features of our services includes

  • Inter- operability of data across different formats and GIS Platforms

  • Consulting assignments for Enterprise GIS Database

  • Data Maintenance from opensource database to webserver

  • Enhancing existing database in terms of feature alignment, positional accuracy and attribute manipulation

Cartography & Raster Mosaic 

Niruvanam have extensive expertise in cartography services, which earned us worldwide clients; the services includes annotation styling, placements, design and development of mapping module and print friends digital formats, and the output can be published in to WMS

With complete knowledge of Map Datum and Projection; we are expertised to locate and geo- reference any kind of map -with or without co-ordinates in their native reference system. The referenced rasters would be delivered as package, in GIS terms- raster mosaic with relevant metadata

  • Map Layout preparation

  • Atlas maps

  • Symbology enabled database, Maplex Label Engine

  • Map Datum and Projection

  • Geo- reference

  • Geo- location

  • Raster Mosaic

  • WMS Publishing

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