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Data Migration

Efficient solutions for migrating all your multiple platform dependent to single platform database or to a webserver

With proven data migration and quality control processes that ensure that we deliver accurate and complete GIS data to our clients.

Essential for the organization, which got office across different locations; and users create data and store inconsistently


We analyse and update source data into ESRI geodatabase, PostgreSQL, Web Server, and other industry-standard data formats. Our team are capable of converting and migrating large numbers of hard-copy maps, records, computer aided drafting and drawing (CAD), and legacy GIS data into spatial databases compliant with any formats.


Our team's expertise of migrating data not only restricted to data format; we are proficient in data stream ranges from Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Topography

To ensure that data delivered to your organization meet your specifications, our database experts will match the data to your data model. We can deliver and maintain migrate data in database or to a Web Map Server.

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